Programmer Magazine Interview

Today is Wiki's 20th anniversary, I really hope could write your story in our Hall of Fame column which features coding and computer science masters monthly.

I wonder if you have time to accept an interview by email, and let our tens of thousands of magazine readers and millions of website audience know your personal career and insightful thoughts about technology?

My name is Lu Dongxiang, I'm an editor at Programmer Magazine in China. blog


Where are you Focusing your efforts these days?

Which Process you will use?

What is the biggest Change in your thinking?

Which person and book Influence you most?

What are the main Lessons you have learned?

Share stories of you initial Design for wiki.

What Principles you were following?

Would you do it Differently?

Why do you think Migrating is important for wiki?

What Difficulties do people have with federated wiki?

Do you see myths or Misunderstandings about Wiki?